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August 2008
College Terrace Library - Palo Alto California
Ari at Walden Park in Walnut Creek, CA
Lindbergh Park in San Diego, CA

July 2008
Dartmouth Totlot in Albany, California
5N around Burbank, CA (Not a nanny)
Douglass Park in Santa Monica, CA

June 2008
Boehm Child Connection in Palm Desert, CA
Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA
Pan Pacific Park off Beverly in LA, CA

May 2008
Gates Canyon Park in Calabasas, CA
North Clairemont branch library in San Diego, CA

April 2008
Questa Park in Mountain View, California
Nelson Park in Stockton, CA
King Park in Berkley, CA
Centennial Park in Tustin, CA

March 2008
Boyle Park in Mill Valley, CA 3/28/08
Mission Viejo Mall in Mission Viejo, CA 3/6/08

February 2008
Treehouse Social Club in Beverly Hills, CA 02/22/08

January 2008
Large Playground at Mission Bay Park in San Diego,... 01/24/08
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 1/11/07
Alliance Francaise on Bush Street in SF, CA. 1/11/08

December 2007
San Francisco Kezar Stadium and Buena Vista Park in CA 12/13/07

November 2007
Nightmare nanny in Orinda, CA 11/28/07
Three Great California Nanny Sightings from Cali M... 11/17/07
Taylor at Ralph Foy Park in Burbank, CA 11/05/07
Ross Store in Venice, California 11/03/07
Hancock Park in Los Angeles, CA 11/02/07

October 2007
Mountain View Park in Burbank, CA 10/15/07
Veteran's Park in Culver City, CA 10/11/07
Last Known Address in Vacaville, CA 10/01/07

August 2007
Panhandle Playground in San Francisco, CA 08/31/07
John McLaren Park in San Francisco, CA 08/21/07
Dolores Park in San Francisco, CA 08/19/07
Totland in Berkeley, California 08/18/07
Good-Point Dume Beach in Malibu, California 08/10/07

July 2007
Cuernavaca Park in Burlingame, CA 07/31/07
Outside Camp Tocaloma in Santa Monica, CA. 07/28/07
Rainbow Park in Davis, California 07/27/07
McDonald's in Huntington Beach, CA 07/19/07

June 2007
Exploritorium in San Francisco, CA. 06/25/07
Sherman Oaks Fashion Square in Los Angeles, CA 06/22/07
Ernie Howlett Park in Palos, Verdes, CA 06/15/07
Hype Dance in Chico, California 6/13/07
Park on Wilson Street in Pasadena, CA 06/06/07
Palos Verdes Blvd in Palos Verdes, CA 06/02/07

May 2007
Roxbury Park in Beverly Hills, CA 05/30/07
Playground on Main Street in Huntington Beach, CA 05/16/07
Diablo Vista Park in Danville, California 05/12/07
Good-Target on Fulton Avenue in Sacramento, CA 05/02/07
Lobby Area of The Island Hotel in Newport Beach, California 05/02/07

April 2007
Calavera Hills Park in Carlsbad, California 04/09/07

March 2007
Los Gatos Public Library in Los Gatos, CA 03/21/07
1 Ford Road in Newport Beach/Irvine California 03/12/07
12:55 Showing of the Bridge to Terbaitha in Los Angeles, CA 03/12/07
Seely Park in Scaramento, CA 03/07/07
Arcadia Park in Arcadia, CA 03/02/07

February 2007
Powerhouse Park in Delmar, California 02/15/07
Bernice Bennett Park in Westlake Village, California 02/08/07
McKinnon Park in Salinas, CA 02/07/07
Gates Canyon Park-Brandon's Playground in Calabasas, CA 02/03/07

January 2007
South Camden & Charles Blvd. in Beverly Hills, CA 01/30/07
Los Angeles 1/18/07
Via Marina Park in Oxnard, CA 01/16/07
Mervyns in Canoga Park, CA 01/12/07
Central Park in Santa Clarita, CA 01/09/07
Starbucks at Horton Plaza in San Diego 01/04/07

December 2006
McKinley Park in Sacramento, CA 12/08/06
4th Avenue in San Diego, California 12/01/06

November 2006
Wendy's on El Cajon Blvd. in San Diego 11/05/06
SpeedZone on Castleton in LA 11/01/01

October 2006
Leland Taylor Park in Colusa, Ca 10/27/06
Asbury Height in San Fransisco, CA 10/26/06
Panhandle Park in San Fransisco, CA 10/26/06
Sam Goody on Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena 10/25/06
Garvey Park in Monterey Park, CA 10/23/06
Palo Alto Pick Up line complaint 10/21/06
Pacific Heights in San Fransisco 10/20/06
Tuesday Morning in Walnut Creek 10/20/06
San Ramon 10/20/06
Jack in the Box in San Fransisco 10/19/06
Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego 10/18/06
Fairview Branch of the Santa Monica Library 10/16/06
Alice Keck in Santa Barbara Street entrance 10/13/06
Goleta Pier near the UCSB 10/11/06
Carlsbad, California 10/08/06
Buccaneer Beach Park in Oceanside 10/05/06
Cold Stone Creamery in Sacramento 10/03/06
Smith Park in San Gabriel 10/01/06

September 2006
Bookstore in Encinitas 9/30/06
Duck Park in Venice 9/30/06
Duboce Park in San Fransicsco 9/29/06
Big Lots in Santa Ana 9/29/06
Monterrey Ridge Elementary School Update 9/29/06
Still looking for the mother of Lucas & Elias in Piedmont 9/28/06
Park in Tarzana 9/28/06
Monterey Ridge School in Rancho Bernardo 9/26/06
Weinerschnitzel, San Diego 9/22/06
Piedmont...looking for the parents of Lucas & Elias 9/14/06
Walnut Acres Elementary School; Walnut Creek 9/11/2006
Montemalaga Elementary School; Palos Verdes Tuesday, 9/05/06
Rea Community Center; Costa Mesa 9/04 /06