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Brooklyn, New York

Below are the listings for Brooklyn only. For a complete listing of NY State Nanny Sightings, please click here.

August 2008
Pierrepont Playground in Brooklyn Heights
Prospect Park West and 7th Street - Park Slope
Brooklyn Library - Main Branch
Pierrepont Playground - Brooklyn Heights
Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York
Cupcake Cafe - 545 9th Avenue

June 2008
Beware of Rabid Nannies at Pierrepont Playground i...
Promenade in Brooklyn Heights, NY
71 bus from 4th Avenue to Grand Army Plaza & Centr...
Long Island College Hospital Playground in Brookly...
Harmony Playground in Park Slope, NY
Promenade in Brooklyn Heights, NY East

May 2008
Unbalanced Babysitter Spotted in Bay Ridge, NY
JJ Byrne Park in Park Slope, NY
Library at 6th Avenue & 9th in Park Slope, NY
Harmony Playground in Prospect Park, NY
Rite Aid at 7118 3rd Ave in Bay Ridge, NY
Garden Of Eden in Brooklyn Heights, NY

April 2008
Chess Cafe - Clark Street Station in Brooklyn Heig...
Cadman Plaza park in Brooklyn Heights
Pacific Park Playground in Brooklyn
Cobblehill Playground in Brooklyn, NY
Prospect Park in Park Slope, NY

March 2008

Third Street Playground in Brooklyn, NY
Russell Pederson Playground in Bay Ridge, NY

January 2008
Barnes & Noble in Park Slope, NY (Brooklyn) 1/29/08
Pierrepont Playground at Brooklyn Heights Promenade in Brooklyn, NY 1/17/08

December 2007
Playground at Carroll Park in Brooklyn, NY 12/12/07

November 2007
B&N on 7th in Park Slope, NY 11/12/07
Harmony Playground in Brooklyn, NY 11/09/07

October 2007
Barnes & Noble in Park Slope, NY 10/11/07
Pino's Pizza on 7th Ave in Park Slope, NY 10/3/07

September 2007
Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NY 09/24/07
7th Avenue Playground in Brooklyn, NY 09/21/07
Pierrepont Playground in Brooklyn Heights, NY 09/18/07
Cadman Plaza Park in Brooklyn, NY 09/12/07

Augsut 2007
3rd Street Playground in Park Slope/Brooklyn, NY 08/28/07
5th & Ovington Avenues in Bay Ridge, NY 08/21/07
Promenade in Brooklyn Heights, NY 08/21/07

July 2007
Outside Baskin Robbins/Dunkin Donuts in Brooklyn, NY 07/25/07
Chapin Park in Brooklyn Heights, NY 07/20/07
Miss Muffin & Her Stuffin on Park Place between 5th & 6th in Park Slope, NY 07/20/07
Day Care Group in Park Slope, NY 07/19/07

June 2007
Borders Bookstore at Park & Franklin in Brooklyn 06/13/07
B75 bus in Park Slope, Brooklyn 06/11/07

May 2007
Pierrepont Playground in Brooklyn, NY 05/31/07
Nanny Still On the Job and Napping in Park Slope, Brooklyn 05/26/07
Main Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library 05/17/07
JJ Byrne Park in Park Slope, NY 05/10/07
Possible Parent-Borders Book Store on Broadway in NYC 5/9/07
Third Street Playground in Prospect Park, NY 05/07/07

April 2007
Kids in Action, Brooklyn, NY 04/28/07
Park Slope, Brooklyn-New York 04/13/07
LICH Playground on Henry Street in Brooklyn Heights, NY 04/12/07
Barnes & Boble in Brooklyn Heights, NY 04/10/07
JJ Byrne Park in Brooklyn, New York 04/09/07

March 2007
Pierrepont Playground in Brooklyn Heights, NY 3/29/07
Greenpoint Y in Brooklyn 03/28/08
Pierrepont Playground in Brooklyn Heights, NY 03/22/07
Overheard at Starbucks on Montague Street in Brooklyn 03/20/07
Park Slope/Prospect Park in Brooklyn 03/09/07

February 2007
Good Sighting- Manhattan Bound F Train in Brooklyn 02/20/07
Clark & Hicks Streets in Brooklyn Heights, NY 02/02/07

January 2007
Brooklyn Bound 2 Train in New York 01/30/07
Q Train in Brooklyn, New York 01/30/07
7th Avenue Donuts in Brooklyn, NY 01/13/07
63rd. Street Bus Stop in Park Slope, Brooklyn 01/11/07

December 2006

November 2006
Kinder Kicks Karate at the Greenpoint YMCA-Brooklyn 11/01/06

October 2006
181st Street in Washington Heights, Brooklyn 10/26/06
Brooklyn Heights Promenade 10/23/06
Rite Aid in Park Slope, Brooklyn 10/17/06
Lurene in Brooklyn 10/11/06
Henry Street in Brooklyn Heights 10/04/06
Sunset Park in Brooklyn 10/03/06

September 2006
Washington Heights Park 9/27/06
Brooklyn Heights Starbucks Montague Street 9/27/06
Prospect Park Tennis Center, Brooklyn 9/20/06
Burger King/ Brooklyn NYC 9/20/06
Maitthiessen Park in Irvington 9/19/06
Palisades Mall in West Nyack 9/18/06