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Random Rants (and Warnings)

This section is being updated and will be current by 1/1/09!
2008 Rants & Warnings
August 2008
SAHM rants about Park Slope Nannies
Jonathan Kay on Internet Trolls...
Jane from Jamaica....

July 2008
Blue Tinged Boy
Random Hot Rant (?)
Father warns others about Ex-Nanny ....

June 2008
Great with children but lacks tact....

May 2008
The Budget Gourmet....
I am appalled....
Rant Against the "Occasional Sitter"
Beware of Nanny Agencies (Warning)

April 2008
Peeing in Public = No
Confessions Of A Nanny
The Big Chill.... Employer Rants about nanny's failure to turn on the heat.
Child Being Bullied at Clifford School in Portland...
Names Have Been Changed to Protect the Innocent......
Nanny's Pay Reduction...
The General Nanny Rant....
Teen Screen- Rant
Nanny Upset Over Unsupervised Ten Year Old...

March 2008
Pay Your Nanny!
Underdressed Children...
Use Caution When Interviewing "Kate" in NYC
Westlake Village, CA Pedophila

February 2008
Horror Nanny-Why? Another nanny caught on tape.
Getting Very Close to the Last Straw -Nanny feels taken advantage of 02/14/08

January 2008

Who was this stranger in my home? (Nelly from Brooklyn) 01/16/08
Why I Dread Monday.... 01/14/08

2007 Rants & Warnings
December 2007
Poor childcare provided by Helen K. in Berkley, CA 12/4/07

November 2007
I am in no mood to give this nanny a gift or bonus... 11/19/07

October 2007
WARNING-File This Under Suspicious People...Bay Ridge, NY 10/26/07
In Support of Nannies-Rant 10/24/07
Anti Agency Rant 10/19/07
You're a Piece of Trash, Princess Caraboo (a Father's Rant) 10/10/07
Patricia from El Salvador (In Beverly Hills, CA) 10/06/07

September 2007
PSA rant 09/28/07
Stingy Host Family Attempts to Starve Au Pair 09/27/07

August 2007
Stroller Thievery in Bay Ridge, NY 08/30/07
Location Unknown-Bizarre Babysitter Behavior Chronicled on the Web 08/27/07
"Skinflint Employer" 08/07/07
...I Saw Your Father??? 08/04/07

July 2007
The "Trial Day" Scam 07/23/07
..."My mommy doesn't hit!" 07/16/07 (JMT)
Off the Books Rant 07/05/07

June 2007
Filming me without my knowledge..... 06/15/07
Lexie; redux 06/12/07
Revealing Clothing in New York 06/08/07 (photo)
Unattended Children in the Grocery Store, Maryland 06/06/07

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