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Perspective & Opinion

This section is being updated and will be current by 1/1/09!
2008 Perspective & Opinion Posts

August 2008
Should Nanny with PMS provide full disclosure?
Nanny hurt by not receiving a parting gift
How should I approach Employer about having Playda...
Parents banish Nanny and Kids from the house
Nanny is sick of Dad who is always sick
Nanny needs ideas for Toddler recipes
Nanny's Tween Trouble
Long distance Nanny needs advice
Mom feels she is underpaying for Child's care
Nanny gets shortchanged on Paycheck
Nanny upset over drowned Blackberry
Woman mortified over treatment daughters received
Mom filled with anxiety and guilt needs advice abo...
Nanny feels put off by Family that acts put out
Mother takes pleasure in torturing her Kids
Nanny tires of Mom not answering the door
Bored Nanny needs help finding something to do
Nannying for a Sucky Mom...
Nanny needs help getting Family on board for trans...
Trial Run
Husband's Fair Share?
Too much for mom to handle?
Nanny concerned about children's safety
Five Basic Principles to Land Your Dream Job
Nanny concerned about Mom's change in Diet
The Best Nanny Job Ever (almost)
Bad Nanny Experience in Illinois
Fired For a Reason?
Comment leads nanny to reevaluate her position...
Burned-out Nanny gets Flamed
Drunken Husband makes advances toward Nanny
"Nanny Dreams"
A Very Picky Eater...

July 2008

Nanny pays her own way....
A Cheap Cheap Here and A Cheap Cheap There
Nanny's weight loss trick has Mother concerned
Nanny needs advice about Alcoholic Father
How to abuse your Live-in Nanny ....
Where The Nannies Are....(?)
Travelling with a Nanny
A gracious amount of notice...
The Anti Obama Employer
Dirty, Dirty Liar....
Oh, your poor, poor nanny!
Did I anger the wrong person?
Still more housekeeper and nanny drama...
No good deed goes un... How does that go?
"I always feel like I am being watched."
Playdates: How long is too long?
Safe Bathing...
..Before I do something that I'll regret....
Nanny needs advice on finding a Job
Still crying at the pass off.....
Live-in Nanny wants to become a Live-out
Wait, what?
"I really can't stand the child I'm sitting for."
....but not a vaginal rejuvenation.
A Question of Loyalty?
They aren't stumbling, but the drink blows off bot...
Mr. Camera Man???
What should I do?
Errand Girl
Not so much a push present....
The Newlyweds and the Tank of Gas
Salary suggestions...
Nosy neighbor scolds Nanny
The Birthday girl, the Eye roll girl, and the sand...
The "Necking Nanny"
Question about Nannies bringing their children to ...
Employer is locking away all the food
Nanny upset over invasion of privacy
Nanny needs advice about Employer's Maternity leav...
Nanny exhausted by overbearing MIL ....
Ex-Nanny feels slighted ....
Nanny catches Dad abusing the family pet ....

June 2008
Honor my commitment or get out now?
Nanny injured on the job needs advice ....
I'm not sure what to do...
A very long day...........
...she is 74 and has a weak bladder...
Travel Pay
Mil, the nanny and a little brown pill
What's my job?
Birthday Blues...
Pay Dilemma
The Oh So Secretive Nanny....
Driver Down
Pay Dilemma
Psycho Nanny trolling for new job....
Children on the net.....
Lost Cause?
Sending the good nanny off right...
Nanny Manager - Discuss
Crushing the Sitter....
Bonding the Nanny...
The best test for nanny?
Favorite ?
Great with children but lacks tact....
10 month old baby cries at the pass off.....
Potty Training Sans Consistency....
Nanny/ Housekeeper...Yes or No?
Great with children but lacks tact....

May 2008
The Hands Off Nanny ...
Why I'm Proud to Not be "One of the Family"
The Nanny. her daughter & the wedding...
20 Steps to Your Perfect Nanny
Nanny from hell is alive and well and working in.....
Nanny already showing her true colors?
Ending her nanny career....
Advice for a mad nanny?
Nudity Crackdown?
Diagnosed with diabetes....
The Wonderfully, Popular Unstable Nanny
My old charge and her new nanny....
Overbearing Grandmother.....
The Nanny Share and Nutrition
I have three days to decide what
.. emotionally, psychologically and verbally abuse...
Accosted and Accused....
Is your nanny looking for a new job?
How do I get past this?
Not even a card....
Mother's Day for Nanny?
Nanny from hell is alive and well and working in.....
Nanny already showing her true colors?
Ending her nanny career....
Advice for a mad nanny?
Family Switching to Daycare Despite Nanny's Progre...
General Messiness

April 2008
Starving to the point that is bordering on abuse.....
The Bat Mitzvah invite that did not come...
I've just been wondering what I could have done be...
Friday, April 25, 2008
Nannies Who Go To Far...
The Forever Nanny
Everything's Wonderful Until I Need a Day Off...
Names Have Been Changed to Protect the Innocent......
Nanny's Pay Reduction...
Chidren at the Liberry After Brefest... Does a nanny's language affect the child?
Ideas for a Parting Gift from the Nanny...
Child Forms Bond With Nanny - Bad
Nannies and The Husbands? Myth or Reality?
Coffee Complication... Parents complicate nanny's daily life.
Your Thoughts?
I want to rewrite the letter and then copy the sig... Manny unhappy with reference letter.
Appropriate Work Attire
An extra $100 a week?
I was surprised when I was fired...
Employer Deals with the Fired Nanny's Reference Re...
Don't Shoot the Messenger...
It feels like a smack in the face...
Nanny's Other Job
Delicate Reminder

March 2008
The British Nanny Asks...
What do you do if you witness someone publicly mis...
Spanish for your Nanny
The Pregnant Nanny...
Nanny's Gas Dilemma...
Wage & Benefits in Florida...
Charge with Chickenpox--Advice needed!
(Another) Nanny Stuck in the Middle of a Parent's ...
Potty Problems
TV Addiction...
Gift Idea for High School Sitter...
Conflicting Feelings About the New Nanny
References on a Potential Employer?
Nanny Injured on the Job...
Tired & Frustrated Parents Turn to Spanking..
Inappropriate Behavior of Mom's Coworker...
Did you tune in? Your thoughts?
Advice on how to resign?
Severance or No Severance?
$30 an hour?
Celebrity Nannies...
Nanny's Breast Augmentation...
It wasn't a "Bad Nanny", but a "Bad Mommy"

February 2008
Still Angry at the Sound of My Child Left Crying..... The percocet connection.
5 Minutes Late... Should it be a problem for a SAHM?
Pollyanna? The Perfectly Pure Nanny.
Death in the Babysitter's Family... How do we let our sitter know we are there for her?
This is not a nanny question, but... Teacher mistreating a child.
Food Issues and the Nanny...
(Another) Nanny Tax Problem...
Nanny Asked to Move with the Family...
Recently she started saying she doesn't love or li... -Nanny in the middle of a divorce.
Your Thoughts? -WSJ Article
Graduate Student ISO Nanny Employers
Willing to tolerate what?_Just how much do you let the nanny get away with?
Screwing with the Nanny's Taxes... An independant contractor, my ass!
Nanny Seeks Advice on Vacation Issue...
"Mary's" Shadow

January 2008
Nanny Seeks Guidance with Wage Issues...
Help a French Nanny Out

"I want Elsa"
When Mom Decides to Stay Home...(letting nanny go)
And Why Was I Fired?
"Frenemy" complicating nanny relationship
Glimpse of Employer Nude Changes Everything?
Nanny in Northern NJ Asks for Your Advice

2007 Perspective & Opinion Posts
December 2007

Do I cut my losses now?
Can a nanny be too good?
Turning Down a Nanny Position
Too old too nanny?
Duped in California...
Judgmental Nanny?
Bonus for a Brand New Nanny Share?
Part Time Nanny's Hurt Feelings...
Two Nannies Ask....
Advice for Pregnant Nanny?
Nanny's Honeymoon Plans...

November 2007
A Nanny Union 11/29/07
Menacing Housekeeper... 11/26/07
I feel like my brother is getting the raw end of t... 11/22/07
How much money is appropriate to ask for? 11/21/07
I'm his NANNY(!) 11/20/07
At first, I declined his advances... 11/20/07
Nanny Holiday Compensation Question 11/18/07
Help Letting Nanny Go... 11/14/07
Increasingly Hostile Nanny Behavior... 11/13/07
Monday, November 12, 2007 -Jane asks you to remember the service men and women this holiday season.
I just don't want to miss out -11/11/07
Advice Sought on non-nanny issue.... 11/10/07
Nanny Needs Advice on Seeking a Raise.... 11/06/07
Is it bitchy of me to not give her a raise even th... 11/06/07

October 2007
I feel very bad for her, I do...but... 10/31/07
Help with Nanny's Religious Holidays... 10/31/07
.. I have a bit of a situation with my nanny... 10/28/07
MRSA- Sunday Roundtable 10/28/07
Angst over employer's (seemingly new found) addiction... 10/17/07
Judging a Book by it's Cover- Sunday Roundtable #3... 10/7/07
"Help me understand the "methodology" 10/06/07

September 2007
Agency Practices.... 9/30/07
Searching Through the Nanny's Belongings 09/24/07
Sunday Roundtable #1 09/09/07
Employer Being Taken Advantage of in... "No Nerve" 09/04/07
Nanny asks if there is such a thing as 'too much love'... 09/02/07
Nanny's three month vacation proves less than convenient... 09/02/07

August 2007
"Reprimanding the nanny..." 08/31/07
Overextended Nanny No Longer the Best Fit? 08/30/07
Need the Nanny to Quit... 08/29/07
Housekeeper and Nanny at Each Other's Throats 08/16/07
"My Nanny's Eating Us out of House and Home".... 08/13/07
You're Fired 08/07/07
..."a stickler for politeness".... 08/04/07

July 2007
Vacation/ Travel Pay 07/29/07
Snoozing Nanny up for Grabs? 07/24/07
Has anyone had experience working with a mentally ill parent? 07/21/07
Trend of the Moment- Buddhist Nannies 07/18/07
" Preventing Nanny Burnout" 07/17/07
"Strange Encounter" at Lions Park in Upper Saddle River NJ 07/15/07
..."My job is becoming increasingly hard".... 07/15/07
Deal Makers and Deal Breakers 07/15/07
..Sahms,Why do you need a Nanny?? 07/13/07
...she and my son are being shunned by the nanny community...07/12/07
Frustrated Nanny Seeks Encouragement...07/08/07
A question to families who employ nannies.. 07/06/07
..."Stress Explosions".... 07/01/07

June 2007
Hard of Hearing Sitter 6/30/07
...body odor that is extraordinarily overwhelming 06/27/07
2 Nannies, 2 Questions... 06/25/07
ISYN Nanny Salary Survey 06/24/07
....Aunt Mommy...06/20/07
If I fired her for this, I could handle the summer schedule... 06/14/07
Giving Notice 06/08/07
(Nanny Asks) Your thoughts on my situation? 06/07/07
Not Your Run of the Mill Nanny Poacher... 06/05/07
Doesn't Etiquette Dictate that this is wrong? 06/04/07
Although this is not a nanny sighting, I need advice... 06/04/07

May 2007
The children love the nanny, but... 05/30/07
"Kuku" 05/24/07
A Nanny's Tale 05/22/07
Your Thoughts? (on the Madeliene McCann case) 05/18/07
Nanny Interview Questions 05/18/07
Hamptons Nanny Advice? 05/17/07
What Can I Do to Improve My Situation? 05/12/07
Plaground Etiquette 05/11/07
Nannies and Mother's Day 05/06/07
Selfish and Snarky 05/06/07

April 2007
Now that the awkward moment has passed.... 04/24/07
Nanny Share Question 04/18/07
Do You Think What the Nanny Did Was out of Line? 4/13/07
In Connecticut- A quick rant 04/11/07
Am I overstepping my boundaries? Nanny needs advice... 04/11/07
Reminder- Drop in on Your Daycare Providers 04/09/07
One Nanny's Happy Ending 04/09/07
Easter Gift Ideas for new nanny 04/04/07
Nanny for SAHM needs advice 04/02/07
Why is it so hard for a Nanny to ask directly for a raise?

March 2007
Things My Insane Employer has accused me of stealing 03/26/07
Example of A Clueless Brooklyn Parent- A mother vents... 03/23/07
Geographical Differences & Salary 03/20/07
When is the appropriate time to give a nanny a raise? 03/20/07
A letter to Employers from "The Nanny Ninja" 03/18/07
Give a stealing nanny a second chance? 03/16/07
"What is the best way to run a background check" 03/13/07
Should I come clean to my employers and tell them who their best friend really is? 03/11/07
Mother seeks advice regarding succesful nanny search.... 03/09/07
Frustrated Nanny in Lupton, Colorado 03/09/07
Should I just resign myself to packing a lunch? 03/08/07

February 2007
What employer would want a Six Month Commitment? 02/27/07
Nanny Desperately Needs Your Advice....02/22/07
Worst Nanny Experiences, Part II 02/18/07
My First and Last Nanny 02/15/07
California Mother Solicits Your Advice on Trust Issue 02/13/07
Worst Nanny Experiences, part I February 11, 2007
Drinking Nanny? 02/10/07
What ever Happened to Mother's Instinct? 02/02/07

Janaury 2007
Scam Alert 01/31/07
Homesick Nanny Needs Advice 01/28/07
What Ever Happened To Tessy? 01/27/07
Did I Pay Her Enough? 01/27/07
I Want My Job Back 01/25/07
Spread the Word About I Saw Your Nanny
San Diego Salary Question 01/25/07
Stay at Home Mother Asks about Playdate Etiquette- NYC 01/23/07
Umbrella Injury on 59th Street in NYC (01/16/07)
In the mail (Sunday, January 14, 2007)
Nanny Dissatisfied with Her Salary and Bonus Solicits Advice (01/02/07)

2006 Perspective and Opinion Posts
December 2006
Nanny Molly, CEO Nanny World International 12/20/06
R's Nanny Experience 12/14/06
Cecelie S. Berry and and Jennifer Bingham Hull (for Salon) 12/13/06
Plea from a mother regarding letters of reference.... 12/07/06
Three Questions 12/6/06
Houston Article on a Nanny Agency accused of faking references 12/04/06

November 2006
A question for other mothers.... 11/20/06

We officially began the Perspective and Opinion Section in November of 2006. Entries below reflect our inspiration for starting this section.
If you have an opinion to share, please send it to us at

Help Shape the Future of National Nanny Credentialing- Janice St. Clair 10/20/06

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Eight Signs of a Good Nanny 10/06/06

Sugarland, Texas Stay at Home Mom 10/06/06

Suspicious Mother in Brooklyn 10/05/2006

Florida Mother wonders if she is being neurotic 10/04/06

Janice St. Clair on How to Keep Kids Safe whether with a sitter or in daycare 10/04/06

Upper East Side Mother on Working Mother's low standards 10/01/06

Kudos from a North Jersey Mom 10/03/06

These are Unlikely Nannies 10/03/06

A Father's Experience 9/28/06

Perspective from a nanny 9/23/06

Perspective from a mother 9/22/06

Janice St. Clair on What to do when you observe someone mistreating a child in public... 9/19/ 2006

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