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Manhattan/ New York City, (NYC)

Below are the listings for NYC/Manhattan. For a complete listing of NY State Nanny Sightings, please click here.

August 2008
76th St and Park in NYC
Carl Schurz Park playground - UES, NYC
Museum of Natural History - NY
John Jay Park (77th and the River) from 9 - 9:30 a...
Duane Reade on 86th street in Manhattan - UES
Asphalt Green Playground - NY
St. Catherine's Playground in NYC
Carl Schurz Park - UES "Francine"
Carl Shurz Park in NYC
Manny, the Drill Instructor (Bryant Park, NYC)

July 2008
Hudson River Water Park in NYC
Madison Square Park in NYC
Bryant Park in NYC
Starbucks at 1st & 75th in NYC
M-104 Bus heading South in NYC
Madison Square Park in NYC
Cupcake Cafe - 545 9th Avenue
Nanny accosted on 73rd street on the UES

June 2008
Starbucks in Scarsdale, NY
Heading uptown on the 1 train in Manhattan
71 bus from 4th Avenue to Grand Army Plaza & Centr...
Heckscher Playground in NYC
Playground at 76th and Fifth Avenue in Central Par...
Water Conservancy Bathroom in Central Park, NY
Hudson River Park in NYC
Park at 85th Street and 2nd Ave in NYC
SE corner of 72nd and CPW in NYC
Village Park in Northport, NY
Turtle Pond in Central Park, NYC
79th Street crosstown bus in NYC
Y on 92nd and Lexington in NYC
Promenade in Brooklyn Heights, NY
East 34 Street at FDR Drive in NYC

May 2008
NY Public Library on West 65th in NYC
Subway Platform - 59th Street and Lexington Avenue...
86th & Madison in NYC
Seal Park in Chelsea, NY
Carl Schurz Park in NYC
Bleeker Park in Greenwich Village, NYC
Madison Square Park in NYC
Bleecker and LaGuardia in NY, NY
Dag Hammarskjold Plaza in Midtown, NY
Crosby between Spring and Broome in NYC

April 2008
Playgarden on 113th St in Morningside Heights,
Central Park Great Lawn in NYC
Diana Ross Playground in NYC

March 2008
Bathroom at the Children's Zoo in Central Park (NY...
Madison Square Park Playground in NYC
Whole Foods on Houston in NYC
Spector Playground in NYC Lexington and East 21st. in NYC

February 2008
Bethenny's nanny on the UES, NYC
Broome & Thompson in Soho, NY
Upper East Side in the 60's, NYC
Small Playground at Kowsky Plaza in NYC 02/15/08
Toys R Us in Times Square, NYC Safari Playground in Central Park 2/7/08
Follow up from Parent on Winter Garden at WFC in NYC 02/06/08
Subway Sandwiches on 2nd Ave between 73/74 2/6/08
Grand Central Station in NYC 2/2/08

January 2008
Winter Garden at WFC in NYC (picture) 1/29/08
Border's at Kips Bay Plaza at 32nd and 2nd in NYC 1/28/08
About 20 feet from the Subway Exit at Bryant Park in NYC 1/23/08
Financial Center in Battery Park, NY 1/19/08
Riverside Park heading away from Riverside Church Library in NYC 1/15/08
Upper East Side in NYC 1/14/08
Heckscher Playground in NYC 1/12/08
W. 96th Playground in Central Park, NYC 1/07/08
Winter Garden, WFC in NYC 1/4/08
1025 5th Avenue in NYC 1/03/08

December 2007
East Third Avenue between 69th and 70th in NYC 12/28/07
Outside Dunkin Donuts on 46th & Fifth (NYC) 12/7/07
Billy Johnson Playground in Central Park, NY 12/5/07
CVS on 58th at Columbus in NYC 12/4/07
Early Childhood Library on Leroy Street in NYC 12/4/07

November 2007
Wonderful Nanny Sighting at Appleseeds in NYC -11/11/07
Greenwich St. Tribeca- 3:35pm near Food Emporium b... 11/8/07
99 cent store on 124th street and Lexington Avenue... 11/8/07
Outside Madison Avenue Presbyterian in NYC 11/8/07
Dmitri at Dinosaur Park, Upper West Side, New York... 11/06/07
TJ Maxx at 6th Avenue and 18th Street in NYC 11/06/07
The Esplanade at Battery Park in NYC 11/2/07

October 2007
Outside the Neue Gallery on the UES in NYC 10/31/07
Madison Square Park in NYC 10/31/07
Central Park Playground at 85th ST and CPW in NYC 10/23/07
In and outside of the Hippo Playground in Central ... 10/22/07
Playground behind 190 West End Avenue in NYC 10/19/07
New York Public Library Steps in NYC 10/19/07
Morningside Branch Library on 113th Street & Broad... 10/16/07
East 76th Street Playground (James Michael Levin) ... 10/16/07
JCC on West 76th and Amsterdam in NYC 10/15/07
Playground in Central Park 10/13/07
Adventure Playground in NYC 10/06/07
Lawn in Bryant Park in NYC 10/05/07
Central Park Playground at West 93rd in NYC 10/04/07
Bus Stop on 23rd St. between 2nd & 3rd in Manhatta... 10/03/07

September 2007
John Jay park Upper East Side in NYC 09/28/07
Waiting for OP to Submit the name of the Playgroun... 09/28/07
85th and 2nd on Upper East Side of NYC 09/28/07
Central Park Lawn in NYC 09/25/07
Washington Square Park in NYC 09/25/07
Billy Johnson PG on E. 67th in NYC 9/20/07
Union Square Park in NYC 09/20/07
Central Park West/110th street park in New York Ci... 09/14/07
Morningside Park in NY, NY 09/12/07
Hippo Park in NYC 09/10/07
Adventure Playground, (Central Park) in NYC 09/06/07
Outside Duane Reade at Park & 28th. in NYC 09/04/07

August 2007
(wardrobe malfunction) Rivington & Forsyth in New York City 08/31/07
Vesuvio Playground in NYC 08/28/07
Central Park/E. 77th Street Playground in NYC 08/27/07
Dunkin Donuts on Broadway and Thomas in NYC 08/27/07
Diana Ross Playground in NYC 8/25/07
NYC Public Library at 67th & 1st Ave in NYC 08/21/07
Robert Bendheim Playground in NYC 08/16/07
Laundry Room in Building at 75 West End Ave. in NYC 08/16/07
Baskin Robbins on 1st Ave. & 66th. in NYC 08/16/07
Playground Opposite of Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC 08/13/07
Park at Central Park North/ 110 Street in NYC 08/12/07
Elephant Playground on 76th in NYC 08/09/07
River Run Park on the UWS of Manhattan 08/09/07
Rosa at Ancient Playground in NYC 08/03/07

July 2007
Madison Ave & 26th Street in NYC 07/30/07
Adventure Playground in Central Park, NYC 07/26/07 (photo)
Carl Schurz Park in NY, NY 07/25/07 (PM)
Carl Schurz Playground in NYC 07/25/07 (AM)
Good-John Jay Park in NYC 07/24/07
Great Expectations Store in NYC 07/18/07 (photo)
Hot on Crusty Bagel Cafe on Lexington in NYC 07/10/07
Clement C. Moore Park in Chelsea, NYC 07/09/07
Robert Bendheim Playground in NYC 07/07/07
Nanny on Breadline.... Again (W. 82nd Street in NYC) 07/03/07
Battery Park Playground in NYC 07/02/07
Hippo Park in NYC 07/02/07
E. 96th/5th Ave Playground in NYC 07/01/07

June 2007
Dinosaur Playground at 97th & Riverside in NYC 06/29/07
PS 199 playground in NYC 06/29/07
55th and 5th. in NYC 06/27/07
"Sammy" at W. 85th and CPW Playground in NYC 06/27/07
Diana Ross Playground in NYC 06/26/07
Downtown 1 Train in Manhattan, NYC 06/26/07
Leaving 92cnd Street Y in NYC 06/25/07
Outside Whole Foods in Union Square, NYC 06/18/07
Filene's Basement at 79th. & Broadways in NYC 06/15/07
83rd and Riverside at Riverrun Playground in NYC 06/12/07
96th & Broadway in NYC 06/09/07
Carl Shurz Park in NYC 06/07/07
97th St/Central Park West Playground in NYC 06/06/07
Tompkins Square Park in NYC 06/05/07
72nd Street tunnel in Riverside Park, NYC 06/05/07
Good- McDonalds on 39th & 2nd in NYC 06/01/07

May 2007
Steps of Metropolitan Museum in NYC 05/31/07
Gap at 67th & Broadway in NYC 05/29/07
14th Street and 6th ave in NYC 05/28/07
59th Street Big Playground today at Central Park in NYC 05/28/07
67th & First-NYC Mother Slaps Mother Who Tries To Help 05/27/07
Hudson River Park in NY, NY 05/24/07
Madison Square Park in NYC 05/24/07
Madison Avenue and 46th Street, NYC 05/23/07
West 100th Street Playground in Central Park, NYC 05/24/07
Lexi at Hippo Park in NYC 05/23/07
Isabelle in Central Park, NYC 05/22/07
Rite Aid on 70th. & Broadway in NYC 05/22/07
Carl Schurz Playground, UES in NYC 05/22/07
Heckscher Playground in NYC 05/17/07
Children's Lawn in Riverside Park, NY 05/16/07
Good-Washingtong Market Park in Tribeca, NY 05/15/07
Battery Park City's Toddler Park in NYC 05/15/07
86th and 1st in front of Duane Reade in NYC 05/14/07
Barnes & Noble on 86th ST. and 2nd Ave. in NYC 05/14/07
E. 96th/Central Park playground in NYC 05/11/07
Morningside Heights Playground in Manhattan 5/10/07
Possible Parent-Borders Book Store on Broadway in NYC 5/9/07
Banana Republic at 86th. & Broadway in NYC 05/04/07
M104 Bus in NYC 05/02/07
Outside of Gap Kids on 3rd. & 87th. in NYC 05/01/07
Hippo Playground at 91st Street and Riverside in NYC 05/01/07

April 2007
Columbus Circle in NYC 04/26/07
Dunkin Donuts on Broadway in NYC 04/26/07
Ancient Playground on E. 85th in Central Park, NY 04/25/07
GOOD-Sheep Meadow in Central Park, NYC 04/24/07
E. 72nd Street Playground in NYC 04/24/07
Hippo Playground at Riverside Park in NYC 04/23/07
Getting in to a cab on 57th. & 6th. in NYC 04/21/07
TJ Maxx in NY, NY 04/17/07
Realbirth Center on 22nd St (between 5th and 6th Ave) in NY 04/13/07
West Side of Manhattan in NY, NY 04/13/07
Good- 78th Street & York Ave in NYC 04/04/07

March 2007
Barnes and Noble at 66th Street and Broadway in NYC 03/30/07
Madison Square Park in NYC 03/29/07
Union Square Toddler Playground 03/28/07
Borders in the Time Warner Center on UWS in NYC 03/27/07
Central Park Mall in NYC 03/27/07
Walking Near Union Square in NYC 03/26/07
Cathedral Heights Subway Station at 110th Street in NYC 03/23/07
Ottendorfer Library in the East Village, NYC 03/19/07
Ancient Playground off E. 85th. in NYC 03/16/07
Rudin Playground on West 96th. in NYC 03/14/07
96th Street and Columbus Avenue in Manhattan 03/14/07
79th Street between 3rd. and 4th Ave. in New York 03/09/07
New York Children's Museum in NYC 03/09/07
Good-Playing Frisbee in Central Park (NYC) 03/04/07

February 2007
West 81st Street outside the Diana Ross Playground in NYC 02/28/07
East Side Amusements in NYC 02/26/28
Good-Dream Team at the Manhattan Mall in NYC 02/22/07
Good Sighting- Manhattan Bound F Train in Brooklyn 02/20/07
Mandarin Oriental Hotel in NYC- The Lounge Bar 02/20/07
7th Ave & 14th Street in NYC 02/15/07
71st & Columbus in NYC 02/12/07
Robert Bendheim Playground in Central Park NYC 02/12/07
Starbucks at 111th & Broadway in NYC 020307

Janaury 2007
Brooklyn Bound 2 Train in New York 01/30/07
McDonalds at Broadway and 70th in NYC 01/29/07
Sydney's Playground in Tribeca, NY 01/27/07
E. 66th and York Ave in NYC 01/26/07
97th Between CPW and Columbus in NYC 01/23/07
Baby Nurse on E. 85th & Park Ave in Manhattan 01/17/07
Nanny on Bread line on W. 82nd Street in NYC 01/12/07

December 2006
Bloomingdale Branch of New York Library 12/22/06
Baby Nurse- False Identity 12/19/06
NY Kids Club in NYC 12/18/06
5th Ave and 97th Street in NYC 12/16/06
Starbucks at Broadway & 42nd Street in New York City 12/14/06
Playground at Ancient Park in NYC 12/12
Broadway between 96 & 97th in NYC 12/11/06
Battery Park Playground, NYC 12/06/06
Herald Square in NYC 12/04/06

November 2006
Jodi's Gym in NY, NY 11/29/06
Swings in Central Park, NYC 11/20/06
D'Agostino Supermarket on York Street in NYC 11/17/06
M2/M5 downtown bus in NYC 11/13/06
Heckscher Playground in NYC 11/11/06
Playground at 96th and Second Avenue in NYC 11/10/06
E 84th and First Ave in Manhattan 11/04/06
Carl Schurtz Park (84th and East End Avenue) NYC 11/02/06

October 2006
UES/Dunkin Donuts across from 92nd Y, NYC 10/31/06
Serendipity (restaurant) in NYC 10/30/06
Ancient Playground (5th Ave & 84th Street in NYC) 10/27/06
Union Square Park in Manhattan 10/26/06
Daffy's on Madison & 53rd in NYC 10/23/06
New York Presbyterian Hospital 10/23/06
Picnic in Central Park 10/19/07
Daffy's on 57th Street in NYC 10/13/06
Straus Park in NYC 10/13/06
Ancient Park Playground in NYC 10/12/06
Bench in Stuyvesant Square, NYC 10/11/06
"Sugar in the Raw" Manhattan 10/08/06
91st Street NYC 10/03/06
Victoria's Secret in NYC 10/03/06
Central Park Playground NYC 10/02/06

September 2006
Denensmouth Ave, Central Park 9/28/06
NYC Baby Nurse Warning 9/28/06
Good-The Good Nanny, Midtown NYC 9/26/06
Daffy's on 57th between Park & Lexington NYC 9/26/06
Tacumsuh playground (Amsterdam & 77th) NYC 9/25/06
Sydney's Playground in Tribeca NYC 9/20/06
Upper East Side Nanny to Avoid 9/17/06
Starbucks 81st and Broadway -NYC 9/16/06
West 23rd Street Crosstown Bus 9/14/06
West 94th. near Mandell Nursery School NYC 9/14/06
Playing Favorites around 11th & W 52nd in NYC 9/07/06
Leroy Street Nannyin NYC 9/06/06
Morningside Park in NYC 9/05/06
The Pierre in NYC 8/28/06